Without enemies of America — What would President Bush do?

President George W. Bush talks about America’s enemies a lot. He is preoccupied with them. Why? Because he wants to war on America’s enemies and has no sustained interest in anything else.

Unfortunately for America and for the world at large, George W. Bush excels at making new enemies and turning America’s friends into enemies. How many Iraqis were friends and admirers of America before Bush took office and now considers America to be their enemy — lots of them!

While it is true that few of America’s enemies, including sovereign states such as North Korea, Iran, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein, had the ability to cause America major harm when Bush entered office, that did not matter to President Bush. Somehow, he has duped a gullible and misinformed American public that America was at threat from outside foes, and thus "if we don’t battle them in Baghdad, we will have to fight them in the heartland". What nonsense!

But, since Bush loves a good war against enemies of his own making, he went to great financial expense to invade Iraq in order to make new enemies and wage war. Iraqis could not wage war on America by invading us, so we had to invade them to give them the opportunity to be our enemy and fight us.

Iran has no ability to invade America, either, and no need to do so. In fact, Iran is only our enemy to the extent that Iran fails to yield its national sovereignty to meet our economic interests. If America did not have economic interests that were somewhat affected by Iranian actions and policies, it is doubtful that George W. Bush would even know that Iran exists. But Bush wants enemies, and it seems likely that he will attack Iran in order to keep warmongering alive till the last day of his administration.

If Bush were not waging war, he would be a very bored man. He has no domestic policy or goals, except perhaps to loot the treasury and thus maximize the indebtedness of the American people and increase the gap between American "haves" and American "have nots". But that cannot keep a President occupied and thus Bush works hard at converting friends into enemies so that more wars can be waged.

Many Iranians are friendly to America — a fact of which President Bush seems to be completely unaware. An attack by the U.S. against Iraq will nullify any friendly view of the U.S. by those Iranians. But Bush doesn’t care — he needs enemies to give his life and Presidency some purpose. Bush still has not figured out that America has already all but lost the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he can’t wait to send the U.S. military to bomb Iran, even though the predictable result is yet more woe, more international isolation, more financial indebtedness, and ultimately more financial harm to the long-term interests of the American people. Bush cannot see these things, because all he sees are "enemies".

It is hard to imagine how the U.S. public continues to allow this to happen. The U.S. public is so uncritical, so distracted, so brainwashed, and so manipulated that it cannot act in its own self-interest. The American government refuses to act in the self-interest of average Americans, and the American public refuses to insist that it do so, and so the interests of America’s citizens are being sold off piecemeal every day in all sorts of ways.

Bush wants enemies, and he creates them far faster than he can kill them. Bob Woodward says that even Rumsfeld now knows this. The future seems apocalyptic, but isn’t that what enemies are for? Bush’ self-fulfilling prophecy is the worst news in the entire history of the American republic.