Wolfie nomination jeopardizes Palestinian Right of Return

The nomination by emperor Bush of Paul Wolfowitz as the next president of the World Bank is not only a tragedy and a farce, it also is a major setback for democratic reforms within the institutions of the United Nations.

Since the World Bank is part of the UN’s group of five powerhouses which include the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation, the International Development Association, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, it is inconceivable that a well known right-wing hawk and war-monger such as Wolfowitz would be applying any of his considerable skills in terrorism to improving the quality of life for people.

At a time when swords are drawn between advocates of multilateralism and the likudniks in control of Bush’s tyranny of unilateralism, this nomination which follows an equally scandalous selection of another of the neocons’ high-priest John R Bolton to represent them at the United Nations, is an indication that the Bush bulldozer remains in full throttle. Dont mess with us is the unambigious message from the Pentagon.

The so-called push for democratic reforms remains as farcical as Wolfie’s nomination. And once again the real victor in this tragedy will be the apartheid state of Israel who remain optimistic that Wolfie will pilot a plot to allow it to renege on the Palestinian’s Right to Return. This seemingly far-fetched notion is in fact a critical imperative in the motivation for his nomination. It is crucial for the Sharon regime to dispense with one of the core issues at the heart of the Palestinian struggle: the 5.5million refugees.

As head of the World Bank, Wolfie will be able to implement an elaborate plan designed to "rehabilatate" and "compensate" these refugees in ways that can only be described as deceitful, for the outcome will be based on relinquishing the Right of Return. Paradoxically then two components of the United Nations, the Security Council in which the US has a veto in the hands of Bolton and the World Bank which will be in the custody of Wolfie, will charter a course which will negate all outstanding UN Resolutions underpinning one of the core demands of the Palestinians.

In so far as demands for true representivity or what is known as the softer option encapsulated in the quest for democratic reforms is concerned, the face of Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank explains the determination of the American administration to repulse it with all the contempt it can muster.

Are we resigned to welcome the chief of despotism?