World War III – of terror

Today these suicide bombers operate in the very trains and buses that we take everyday to work. They have completely lost touch with new global realties, where, for want of progress, nations and people are coming together. They are striving hard to drive wedges between people. The coming of the world together is going to win the war against terror ultimately; the young people of the world will grow up in the new millennium with a far greater wisdom, tolerance and consideration for each other. The London bombings are act of cowardice and extreme wickedness, the Londoners were the first in the ‘million march’ to protest war efforts, it is a cosmopolitan town and vociferous in denunciation of violence and war slogans, they were most undeserving of such evil attacks, the town that won Olympic the night before or had hosted the world gala event of charity under Geldof previous weekend for eradication of poverty in mostly Muslim inhibited part of Africa was subject to despicability of highest order by deranged radicals.

The century of war and strife is over. This is the last sigh of hardcore radicals who are trying to stop mankind’s move forward, however, these forces of hate and violence have always been defeated by mankind’s ability to come out a winner from disgusting state of affairs. The psychopaths of the world might have delayed the togetherness, but have always failed –” from Hitlers to Stalins to Milosevics and the Saddams of the world, the end has nearly always been the same. Little do these terrorists realize that in this day and age our global neighborhoods have shrunk; events in London or Baghdad are like events in our own backyard, we see misery and wanton aggression being imposed on masses and we detest it. The global pains are common, it is no more a London neighborhood that is bombed; it is an attack on the heart of confluence of mankind. Such is the cosmopolitan nature of our existence. Egypt, Beirut or Iraq, the pain of human beings in real time is brought within our living rooms, the violent and bloody nature of the struggle stands exposed. Seeing innocent people as victims and canon fodder for the imposition of an extreme agenda.

The parents of these young bombers need to reach out to their often overnight changed children; The ‘teens are the right age where demons can conquer brains and make them perfect walking bombs. The message of these brain washers is very clear that ‘Islam’s lost glory’ has everything to do with the western civilization. The failure and poverty within Islamic societies is made the responsibility of the injustice committed by the west, notwithstanding the saga of missed opportunities that Muslims have passed due to their instilled behavior of siding with the losers and concept of predestination. Terrorism and its manifestation through suicide bombings is nothing but extreme form of self-pity. It is easy to pin the blame the moral and social decline of the Islamic societies on others. The motto, “live and let live,” has been warped and redefined to, “If we can’t live, let no one either.”

Fierce barbarism since posterity is associated with poverty riddled societies; it is acceptance of new ideas that helps break the lock of poverty. Barbaric self- flagellation based on urges of ideological Puritanism, the hallmark of terrorists today, will create new geographical separations, and closed societies will fall back and will be treated as universal apartheids. Afghanistan, Chad, Ethiopia are recent examples of nations torn in strife as a result of misplaced urge of freedom. Iraqi insurgents and their strife aim to produce another war-torn nation.

Some Muslims have done well; those Muslims have connected with the west very well whilst retaining their personal freedom of religious expression. Most of these bombers and many of their sympathizers think that their propensity to sacrifice their lives will lead the west to accept or change their way of life under duress. The minds of these terrorists are reverberating with the gilded golden age of Islam where they ruled as minorities over huge majorities. Freedom and tolerance are alien concepts to most of these extremists. Evil and lies cannot withstand the test of logic and rationalism. OBL-led global jihad to terrorize is aimed at destabilizing the crescent of Islam to an extent where a Sunni mass revolution may land him into Riyadh as the reincarnation of a Sunni Ayatollah Khomeini. In a free election within the Sunni world he may even be able to do it; the ability of Islamic world to self-destruct is incredible. However the militants say such promises made to them by Allah is in the sacred manuscript.

The present reign of terror is all about reestablishment of an age akin to where Islam ruled supreme in India although being just 10 percent of the Indian population. Islam, as a way of life, is inherently programmed for struggle of supremacy over other ideas. It is archaic, old-fashioned and cannot be applied as a consensus in entirety without a new exercise of an acceptable consensus in the contemporary world. Modern day connectivity on one hand has brought nations together, but terrorists and radicals are having a field day with this openness. It is for the first time they can connect globally to show their evil strength in unison, a coordinated global effort of bombs from London tube stations to Sharam-ul-sheikh resort is a third world war of terror. In this deeply connected world it instills enough fear and disruptions, but does evoke a universal sense of triviality and senselessness of their cause. The widespread determination of condemnation of terror and its tentacles is equally on the rise.

Perhaps lack of comprehension or may be talked about incongruity of the Shariah are the roots of these entire present evil happenings. On the one hand, Shariah proclaims killing of one innocent as the killing of entire humanity, on the other, Jihad fee-sabeel-ulallah is the clarion call for every Muslim. On the one hand, freedom of religion becomes a cardinal freedom, on the other; the inability of coexistence with other Abrahamic religions is emphasized. It is this disagreement inherent within the Shariah that concurrently not only legitimizes the satanic struggle of the likes of OBL but also gives moderates some hope of establishing some kind of order. These young people in their teens are so overwhelmed with the holy strictures that they cannot discern these finer disagreements; their inability to refute and break the mindset makes them perfect wares for Satan. It is actually the existing software in shape of the holy manuscript that helps the kids’ minds err on the side of Allah and not humanity, with a little helping hand of the evil brainwashers. I know it is hard to write and pin the responsibility on the assortments of interpretations of the sacred strictures but as an academic I thought that perhaps my two cents’ worth would help us to be acquainted with the root cause of this problem.

No one can dare talk of these seemingly diverse messages of love and hate in the same strictures; this may be the ultimate blasphemy, and the instrument used for brain washing is right in front of us, the passages which reflect malice and hatred are highlighted where messages of cohabitation and love are relegated as rather superfluous or demoted. Unfortunately, we keep blaming some unseen forces; even OBL gets his ideas and legitimizes them because with his colored reading of the Holy Scriptures, he can get as much justification he wants for wanton aggression and killing. Similarly, a peacenik and a moderate can find enough passages to help him to coexist as a sleeper, but even the most hardcore of moderates will be able to draw much moral equivalence and justification for injustices committed against Islamic societies. Rarely will they accept the inherent evils within our own societies where inequities within Islamic world are mind-boggling. The reason they are important is that in beheadings and killings, the oil rich Arabs and poverty-stricken Pakistani radicals find a perfect consort, but in prosperity or economic linkage between nations, it is a different matter all together. The wealth of oil-rich Saudi and Wahabis has nothing to do with thousands of undernourished dying Muslim children of Niger; the unity of Islam emerges in the backdrop of terror struggles. We can see that resurgence now on a global basis, from Indonesia to Morocco, Islamic militants find a common cause to bomb their own brothers. Not that they like to do it, but in absence of the other preferable choice of killing Americans as a result of post 911 strategies of Mr. Bush, the anger is now diverted towards their own brethren.

As far as these radicals make news, it is not important whose blood is flowing. It is most unfortunate that recently in Iraq and other places, it is blood of their own they shed, a Sunni insurgency refusing to give up its privileged existence of over 40 years under Saddam to a new elected majority of Shiite and! Kurds. The message is clear –” if we can’t be your masters, you have no right to live.

When is Islam or Iraq better off, now or earlier? If one rewinds back to the events of September 1980 to August 1988 and revisits the extremely brutal war that included the use of chemical weapons, especially Tabun, by Iraq, the 8-year Iran-Iraq war resulted in one million Muslim dead and heavy losses for both sides. The Iraqi infantry, mostly Shiite, under orders of Saddam baathists made Khuzestan, khunistan. The tactics used in the war resembled those of World War I, with costly human wave attacks commonly used by both sides, but by Iran in particular. Iraq’s air force strategically bombed Iranian cities, chiefly Tehran, and launched SS-1 "Scud" missile attacks against Tehran and Shiraz. Fast forward to now and look at Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari’s lovefest visit to Tehran on Sunday, where he laid a wreath on the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini and hailed what he called “a new chapter in brotherly ties.” Are insurgents by killing Iraqis punishing Iraqis for peace with their neighbors and where was Islamic conscience and ethics sleeping when atrocities were being committed by baathists against Shiite minorities of South and Iran.

The bombing in Egypt today and everyday bombing of their fellow brethren in Baghdad is a stark reminder that to meet their objectives of creating chaos, collateral damage involving fellow Muslim blood is actually a minor aberration within the context of overall struggle of establishing a comprehensive ummah. In this totally anarchic Islamic world, secular baathist insurgents have joined hands with the extremists of Alqaeda to continue their blood orgies. History is witness to the fact that the best kind of unity that traverses along the entire length of breadth of Islamic world is obtained on the back of blood orgies and violence and in the name of establishing ultimate Islamic supremacy, first over the cradle of Islam and then extending it northward. Little do these misguided firebrand people realize that their tactics are helping the nation of Islam to fall to new lows of depravity and identity. They prove to the west that they need to be dealt with ironclad measures.

The misconception unfortunately instilled in the minds of young bombers that westerners love living whereas Muslims love dying for Allah, houries and celestial rewards (in that order of priority) are waiting for them in the heavens, has fueled this war of hatred. It does not take much to brainwash a child and steal him from a loving parent when the book they revere legitimizes the sacrifice. They have inculcated in young ignorant minds that self-destruction, which suits twisted justifications of the so-called jihadis, is an assured path to paradise. This is the time to out the real evil ideology and the only way to eradicate extremists is to highlight the real underlying cause.

911 events have helped triggered the long forgotten renaissance within the Islamic world; these pains that we are witnessing are dying of the old order of Islam and the birth of new thinking. Basket case nations like Niger, Burkino Faso, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Chad within Islam where poverty and sickness is the currency stands in sharp contrast to oil rich OBL’s Saudi; he uses these nations as cannon fodder for his goal of establishing an archaic caliphate but this depraved philosophy of hate is akin to neo Nazism within Islam, these guys are the new Hitlers of Islam and they will meet their end exactly like other tyrants have. We as humanity are living sea; dead ideas and dead thoughts are thrown out from the mainstream.