Worth a thousand words

The US has been involved in so many crimes against humanity that it’s become hard to keep condemning one senseless act after another. But there were three pictures in circulation yesterday that really got to everyone for who the “mainstream” media has become redundant. It showed three American “brave” soldiers, in broad day light, in front of the camera, murdering an injured Iraqi with his hands tied behind his back. The murder scene was a destroyed office building or market in Iraq. The injured and hand-cuffed Iraqi had been dragged from one location into another well-lit area, where the trophy picture could look more like a great achievement. The murderers looked young, the sort of young people you’d see walking full brain-dead doing election canvassing for Bush-II.

After shooting the Iraqi prisoner, one was wiping his hands of his blood. The other is looking at him with appreciating smile. The third one also has visibly bloodied hands. Their hands got bloodied when they pulled the already injured prisoner from one place into another in the rubble of the destroyed building.

I first saw the picture on the Internet, [1] and I did something I’ve never done before – I blew these up so it covered my whole screen. I wanted to look at it more closely. You don’t often get to see the face of pure evil.

There is much to dislike about this war in Iraq, but there is no denying the stakes. And these pictures really framed them: this is a war between the megalomaniac tyrants in the US and some people who have refused to surrender to this kind systematic humiliation and psychological degradation. These warriors are leaving signs of their evil mindset on every step in Iraqi society. After destroying everything in a house in Fallujah, these evil GIs wrote on a mirror: [email protected] you Iraqis.” [2]

Thomas Friedman, a representative of the evil mindset, would try to make the world believe that some Iraqis are “trying to organize an election to choose their own leaders and write their own constitution” but “fascists” are “arrayed against them.” He tried the world to forget that Iraq is under the US tyrannical occupation. This is an occupation legitimizing exercise, not elections. No Iraqi is willing to call the US puppets, the benighted opportunists, as their leaders.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the American murders in these pictures are really defending the United States and have no alternative. It has been conclusively proved that all the reasons for invasion of Iraq have been proved wrong. There is no justification for continued occupation of Iraq. If democracy is worth taking more 100,000 Iraqi lives, Pakistan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also need democracy. Is this the only way to bring about democracies? The neocons and warlords minority in the US have definitely something else on their mind.

As the impartial analysts on various independent web sites, both from the Muslim and non-Muslim world so rightly point out to us, these so-called champions of democracy and freedom are the real fascists, the real colonialists, the real imperialists of our age. They are a tiny minority who want to rule the world by force and rip off its resources and natural wealth for themselves. It’s time we called them by their real names.

However bad Saddam Hussein’s regime was, however badly he may have run his country, however much you wish we have decent governments around, do not kid yourself that this is all not what it is about: people who want to rule the world and establish the Kingdom of God, supported by a virulent nihilistic minority of the “mainstream” media, wants to prevail. That is all that the champions of freedom and democracy stand for.

They are at war with a way of life. Indeed, they haven’t even bothered to tell us otherwise. They have counted on the fact that they have demonized Islam to the extent and Muslims are so hated around the world that any opponents will be seen as having justice on their side. Well, they do not. They are murdering Iraqis every day for the sole purpose of preventing them from challenging the occupation and the kind of regime the occupiers want to establish.

What is terrifying is that the noble sacrifice of freedom fighters, while never in vain, may not be enough. They may actually lose in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vitally important may turn out to be the effectively impossible.

They may lose because of the defiantly wrong way that puppets, like Karzai, Chalabi and Allawi have dedicated themselves to manage occupations and the cynical manner in which Musharraf, Mubarak, Karimov and – with some honorable exceptions – the whole Muslim “leaders” have tolerated it. Many neo-mod Muslims would rather surrender Iraq and Afghanistan than give Muslims the satisfaction of living by Islam.

They may lose because their Arab neighbours won’t lift a finger to condemn occupations of Muslim countries – either because they fear they’ll not survive without the US protection and support, or because the thought of living in freedom by the principles of the Qur’an and Sunnah is anathema to them.

They may lose because most Europeans differ only in the way the US went to war in Iraq. Crushing Islam is their main objective as well. French ban on Hijab and supporting repressive regime in Algeria, Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world are prime examples. When it comes to Islam, they are one.

This is not a “battle between democracy and terror” as Toney Blair declared in Iraq last December. These and many thousand other pictures and videos show that this is a war which mindless terrorists in Washington have imposed on innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Neither Blair, nor any other war lord can prove that those who are fighting them are not Iraqis. Being Iraqis they would definitely have more love for Iraq than Blair, Bush and the left-over allies. This is utterly foolish on part of the media pundits in the US and their war leaders to claim that those who are resisting their barbarism are people “trying to destroy a better future for Iraq."

The simple question to prove these myths wrong is: why would they? It is their present and future generations who are going to live in Iraq, not the occupiers. Why would they kill themselves for destroying a better future for Iraq? The answers to these questions from the war lords make no sense at all.


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