Yassin Gets Vanished!

Teensy moments of Monday surfaced with an atypical, yet projected epoch as the fabulous emblem of the breathing spirit of the Palestinians was put extinguished by the fuming gunship helicopters, prima facie chasing such a course-“since long.

Though, the charismatic Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen has taken off for Heavens, his evaporation by a vindictive rule in Tel Aviv has opened a Pandora Box, not only for the people of Palestine but equally for the Israelis, who may face perils of enormous magnitude in the wake of this ill-fated episode.

With this perception, the newest nasty venture of Israel is not only a threat to an explicit set of the populous of a specific realm but, a hefty risk to the humankind all-over.

What did the Tel Aviv achieve by striking a paralyses-stricken, yet a resolute soul, is solely known to its warlords?

The global condemnation and indignation has fetched for it [Israel] nothing except an abhorrence for it and of-course a critical chagrin and vexation for its’ master (s)-“to the tune of which it is and it has been dancing like a cute docile guy.

Least uptight on the upshot of such a milieu, Israel has, in a way affronted the US-binged Roadmap for ‘Peace’ in the Middle East, plugging all vistas for taking this hallucination into a reality.

One is obligated to accept the veracity that without the behest of ‘any-one’, Israel can’t dare step into such a dubious and dicey exercise. So, as is evaluated by the mayhem, a natural phenomenon that has emerged around the orb at the end the fêted soul, Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen, only the United States is being overtly deemed at the flipside of its aficionado, titled as Israel.

Its’ a manifested reality that ever since the putting afloat of the peace plan, Israel has hardly left a jiffy to devastate it with one ploy or the other. Yet ironically, Washington didn’t ever react or lift eyebrows to such a belligerence, even at the most-recent times when Yasser Arafat was placed in a sort of cage.

Such a type of back-up has made Tel Aviv more hostile to an echelon that it has, of-late started coming out of sleeves. Not only that it has unleashed a gruesome crusade against the Palestinians, but has let loose a law of jungle-“with no check on it by its’ master (s).

With such a scenario, how can one expect peace in the Middle East-“specifically-“onto the sanctified terrain, forcibly usurped from its pragmatic owners-“the people of Palestine.

Side-by-side the United States, the lack of interest by a hefty digit of the Islamic States vis-à-vis the Israeli onslaughts has all the more been a not up to scratch or an ill-fated facet. Nonetheless, the sharp reaction, depicted by the Muslim world over the poignant fate, met by the bravura and virtuoso soul, Sheikh Yaseen beams a message that the real feature of the Ummah persists even today, when the world is being swiftly tuned to decrees and diktats in place of ones’ sovereignty-“guaranteed both by the law of universe and the jurisprudence, bestowed by the Nature.

We expect and hope that this integrity among the Muslims remains intact-“at least for their eventual survival with dignity and honor, a bona fide right based on the axiom of equilibrium.

As has been seen by the nations, all-around, tens of thousands of mourners jammed the streets of Gaza City on Monday for the funeral procession of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin and seven others killed in an Israeli air strike.

Twenty-one Palestinian police officers formed an honor guard as the coffin holding Yassin’s mangled body was carried out of Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Mourners jostled, trying to touch the coffin, which was draped in a green Hamas flag. Others clamored for revenge. Women ululated and threw flowers into the air. Two Israeli helicopter gunships hovered in the sky, which was darkened by the thick black smoke of burning tires.

Every-one has to admit that with the demise of Shaikh Ahmad Yassin, the Palestinian struggle will not stop but the situation in Middle East will eventually aggravate and the struggle against Israeli occupation would start with more zeal n’ zest,.

Not only that Muslims have censured this hideous act, even the Vatican on Monday condemned the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as an act of violence that cannot be justified in any state of law.

"The Holy See joins the international community in condemning an act of violence that cannot be justified in any state of law," Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said.

"The choice of arms, resorting to terrorism on one side and reprisals on the other, humiliating the adversary, and hateful propaganda lead nowhere," he said, citing comments by Pope John Paul II to Israeli and Palestinian delegates in January. "A real and lasting peace cannot result from a simple show of force," Navarro-Valls added.

To recap his dazzling memoirs, we would like to index the sketch of the valiant leader, now resting at his eternal abode-“in peace. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 67 was born in 1936 in an Arab fishing village, Al-Johra near what is now the Israeli town of Ashkelon, Yaseen became a refugee when his house was demolished by Israelis in the Gaza Strip after the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948. He was confined to a wheelchair after being paralysed in a sports accident as a youngster.

A cleric, Yaseen co-founded the Islamic group Hamas in 1987 with the goal of ending Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He became Gaza’s most charismatic and influential public figure. Hamas ran a broad welfare network which benefited Palestinians who felt neglected amid the alleged corruption and incompetence of the then Palestinian authority.

Jailed by Israel, which accused him of incitement, Yaseen received a hero’s welcome when he was freed from prison in 1997, an Israeli goodwill gesture to Jordan’s King Hussein after a failed Israeli attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Mashal in Jordan.

Israel killed Yassin on Monday in a helicopter missile strike as he left a Mosque in Gaza City. The attack appeared aimed at weakening Hamas to prevent it from claiming victory should Israel complete its planned unilateral pullout from the teeming strip, home to 1.3 million Palestinians.

Paradoxically, the obliteration of a fêted soul surfaces despite worldwide protest vis-à-vis the US onslaught on Iraq wherein tens of thousands of peace activists marched in cities, virtually in all vicinities, around the globe, at the weekend voicing an exclusive voices-“the end to the occupation of Iraq-“and that too, at-once.

These demonstrations come into sight, on the first anniversary of US-led war that ousted Saddam Hussein-“now in cage. Italy, Spain and Britain witnessed biggest rallies, while protest demonstrations were also held in US, Japan, India, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Poland and Pakistan with scores of other countries onto the planet.

The rallies overtly manifested swelling public annoys wide-reaching over the plight of the Iraqi people at the hands of the Anglo-American occupation marines. The death and devastation that Iraq has endured after its foreign occupation has really agonized the sweet people world-over.

It’s specifically for this reason that the Saturday’s rallies were far bigger in dimension than the ones staged at the time of US-led sortie of Baghdad a year ago. As a matter of fact, the experience over the year has proven that the knock on Iraq was a flawed decision.

Much trumpeted WMDs have not been found and the myth of its concept of liberation stands methodically exploded due to its highly provocative, totally unjust and morally unwarranted conduct over the year in Iraq.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell also had a flavor of public anger when Arab journalists walked out of his Press conference in Baghdad on Friday as remonstration against the homicide of their fellow professionals by the US forces. The slogan ‘liberation from the liberator’ has gained currency.

Pragmatically, the US has failed to deliver in Iraq due to its illusory motives behind the occupation of Iraq. The reality is that the US and British etiquette to delude their own countrymen and the international opinion stand scrupulously uncovered.

An upright course, left open to them, is that they should quit Iraq as early as possible and stop fiddling with the ethos of the Iraqi people. Induction of hand-picked government (s) is not going to bring peace to Iraq.

Thus the best way is that the US should hand over Iraq to the United Nations, followed by elections to bring back peace and security in the oil rich country-“virtually the Jagular vain of the Oil.

Amid this scenario, explicitly, after the assassination of the Palestinian spirit of inspiration by the atrocious Israelis, alongside the persistent mayhem in Iraq, the only way for the US to bail-out of this perilous milieu is a piece of advice for Washington to straight away proclaim time frame for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq as well as to place optimal weight on Tel Aviv to cease instantaneously its’ antagonistic pose towards the people of Palestine-“the bona fide title-holders of the sacrosanct realm.

Such a path [if adopted] shall eventually prove to be in the best interests of the solitary super power and its’ aficionados. Failing this, seemingly it [the US] would be in for another Vietnam. Palestine and Iraq has had enough of bloodbath and quite a number of body bags of US soldiers have also gone back to the United States-“from Baghdad and elsewhere.

Acumen and sanity, thus demands of the Bush administration to eschew animosity and acrimony by eluding spill out of any more blood of both the Iraqis and the Americans-“of-course that of the Palestinians-“as simultaneous n’ atop.

Such an idyllic environ can very conveniently be ensured-“if Washington decides, once-for-all that the ME roadmap, authored by it has to be got implemented-“come-what-may, even if a swaying n’ strapping strike is required to be inflicted on Israel in the same style, the fascinating marines ‘hit’ each n’ every nook n’ corner of Iraq, a mode which was subsequently applied on Afghanistan by laying ‘red [blood] carpets’-“not made of synthetics or wools but fabricated by perilous ingredients for toxic shots. Isn’t it an apposite plea?