Yellow Belly Yiddish Journalism and the National Interest



    “But the most cynical act possible by a public official is to disguise self-interest behind claims to be serving the national interest.”  That quote is from a Washington Post editorial (10/16/2001). Actually, it was more like a sermon by a preacher drunk with the potency of a brew made to intoxicate his followers.

    It is typical of the moronic journalism from the yellow bellied Yiddish supremacists who use the New York Times and the Washington Post as blunt instruments of political power.  Their aim has always been to shove Israeli policies down the throats of the American foreign policy establishment, with little regard to the national interest. That is why they are constantly rooting for the designated hitters of the Israeli lobby in this administration, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz.

    The Israeli lobby wants a war with every last Arab on the planet, be they Muslim or Christian. They want a war against Islam.  Make no mistake, these are loyal ideological followers of a political doctrine that promotes Jewish supremacy in the Middle East.   Their religion revolves around right-wing Likudnik policy and is every bit as mystical and dangerous as the cult of Bin Laden.  They have their very own sacred lies; a severely flawed historical record which upon examination will reveal their insane attempts to dupe the American people. Their continued influence in the corridors of the mass media will cripple the essential American efforts to win back the hearts and minds of Muslims and Arabs around the world. These radical activists will spare no effort to denigrate legitimate Arab and Muslim aspirations, thus acting as virtual recruiting agents for Osama Bin Laden and other extremists. The Israeli Lobby and Islamic extremists are two heads of the same snake.

    NewsWeek, which is owned by the Washington Post, mailed out the September 17, 2001 issue before 9/11.  So, there is no mention of the atrocity at the twin towers. The whole issue is an assault on the legitimacy of Bush.  Its lead article was by Howard Fineman, a staunch Zionist. It was titled ‘Unsettled Scores’ and had a quote about Joe Lieberman being a ‘rock star’.  Another article by David A. Kaplan was titled ‘The Accidental President’.  The Zionist cabal, and it is a very organized venture, has choked off any debate on real American interests in the Middle East. They have lied, they have cheated and they have launched a five-decade long enterprise geared towards mass deception.  All in service to their favorite country, Israel, a Jewish supremacist state.

    Before the 911 catastrophe, the media titans were marketing a sanitized war criminal by the name of Ariel Sharon.  It was a tough job, but they had more than ample media resources to sell the butcher of Qibya and Sabra and Shatila.  They recommended a ‘do nothing’ policy by the United States and they urged Sharon to intensify the violence against the Palestinians.  And because they were not as influential in the Bush Administration as with Clinton, they turned on the heat. Why? To demonstrate who was boss and remind ‘Junior’ of what they did to daddy.

    This Israeli Lobby is a mafia.  The United States has lost enough to their treasonous agenda. The Palestinians have been deprived of land, life and liberty to satisfy their cruel schemes. And ordinary Americans have been saddled not only with the expense of extremist Israeli policies, but with an ill-deserved reputation as a super power that wants to constantly inflict harm and humiliation on the people of the Middle East.  The lobby needs to put a sock in it, already. Things are way to crazy for us to tolerate their ethnic antics and their incessant attempts to monopolize any kind of debate on the Middle East.  The role of the lobby needs to be discussed openly, in much the same manner we debate Islamic fundamentalism.  My position is that the Israel Firsters should have no future role in foreign policy.  Both Islamic extremists and Jewish Supremacists should be weeded out of the CIA , the FBI, the State Department and the Department of Defense. If the Israelis have a point to make, let them make it through their embassy in Washington.

    Right now, the lords of the mass media are covering their ass for having gotten us in this mess.  The drivel about Arabs and Muslims having an aversion to our values and democracy is all they can come up with.  They will inform you that all this Arab rage has nothing to do with Israel and than hand you a recipe for creating more Arab and Muslim rage. Aside from being obnoxious, they have a tendency to divert public policy issues by emphasizing the trivial.  Case in point, they were discussing Condit’s values, Chandra and shark attacks when they were rudly interrupted by recent events.  CNN had a full ”global minute”  (60 seconds) to discuss the rest of the world.   Now they have to spin stories about the whole world. Be prepared for them to give you complicated answers and insist that you rely on their ‘experts’.

    As part of our global efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism, we will need to prove to the world is that America does not share the ‘values’  of Jewish supremacists or their beloved terrorist state or the war criminals they worship. Truth be told, they are a radical minority withing the American Jewish community.  Israeli ethnic repression does not sit well with the rest of America.  If the mass media had not censored news on what Israel was doing to the Palestinians,  we would already have a decent foreign policy in the Middle East.  Not only that, maybe the Israelis would have felt a little less arrogant and not voted for a serial mass murderer as head of state. Now, we have to go through the effort of hauling Sharon’s criminal ass off to the Hague, before getting down and implementing the only sensible solution, a complete Israeli withdrawl to the boundaries of June 1967.   America, unlike Israel and the majority of the American Jewish leadership, has no interest in humiliating the Palestinians.  Americans would not dig trenches around Palestinian towns and villages and put them under a year long siege.  Those who truly profess American values would not embrace a bloody war criminal like Ariel Sharon, anymore than they would embrace Sadam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden.

    Successive American governments have been bullied by the Israeli lobby in ‘doing favors’ for Israel.  The favors accumulated and the incessant requirements of campaign financing led many of our political class to sign a blank check for Israel.  Worst still, they allowed our foreign policy establishment to be run over by hordes of Israel Firsters, with dubious loyalty to the United States.

    It is time to investigate the penetration of our government by zealous operatives of a foreign state. The American government should have the spine to take FCC measures against that Sharon-loving creep, Rupert Murdoch.  If it was up to me, He wouldn’t have been given American citizenship in the first place.  It is time to toss the likes of Wolfowitz and Perle out of government. Let them go serve their ‘real’ government, in Tel Aviv. They would make forceful Israeli ambassadors to London and Moscow. Whatever we do, we should never ‘lend’ our military prowess to their lunatic visions.

    There can be no serious discussion of this foreign policy catastrophe without a serious inquiry into the Israeli Lobby.  It is a Lobby that dwarfs any other lobby in Washington. No other government, not even Tony Blair’s Britain, has the same kind of influence on our government. The whole world knows it.  The trouble is, our mass media lords, an integral part of the lobby’s efforts, refuse to even probe the subject. It might implicate them and ruin their mass media properties.

    It is time for the Washington Post and the New York Times to stop covering their ass and start diversifying their pool of journalists.  Until you see American journalists probing the Israeli Lobby, don’t take them seriously. Turn to the British press. Although England has a mini version of the Israeli lobby, many British journalists still give a fair account of events in the Middle East. I especially recommend Robert Fisk of The Independent of London and Susan Goldenberg of The Guardian.  Fisk’s impressive body of work includes reports on the influence of the Israeli Lobby in the United States. Fancy that.  If the mass media titans continue to sabotage American interests, it will be up to the American people to reduce them to their natural size as ethnic news networks, much like the Hispanic, Chinese and Arab channels on the dial. We don’t just need an alternative press, we need alternative Mass Media.

    So before the Washington Post starts preaching about those who would ‘disguise self-interest behind claims to be serving the national interest’, they should ponder whether they should be spending so much effort covering their own ass. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times should consider abandoning their ‘Israel First’ agendas and come back to America.  American journalists who work for these two outfits should consider mass resignation if their publishers insist on continuing an ‘Israel First’ agenda.

    Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).