Zarif: US punishes law-abiding states for not violating UNSCR

Zarif: US punishes law-abiding states for not violating UNSCR

“The US isn’t merely violating JCPOA and bullying others to do so, too. It also has dishonor of being first in UN history to punish law-abiding countries for NOT violating a Security Council res,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account on Monday.

“I will present Iran’s case to the Council @ abt noon ET, Tues,” he added.

Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said Zarif is to deliver speech to UN Security Council video conference examining implementation of UN Resolution 2231 slated for Tuesday.

The UN Resolution envisaged six-monthly examination of implementation of the context of the resolution passed by consensus of the Security Council permanent members plus Germany.

The US has made desperate attempt to invoke snapback of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action endorsed by the Security Council Resolution 2231, but, the other members of the Security Council rebuffed the US attempt saying that the US has withdrawn from the JCPOA and is no longer a party to Iran nuclear deal, Mousavi added.


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