From the people that brought you Gitmo…

The people that brought you Gitmo are at it again, and this time their camps could be located right in the mainland U.S. These camps could be activated in the event of an "emergency", such as a threat to U.S. "national security" resulting from an attack on Iran and/or the expulsion of the Palestinians from East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Chances are, though, the camps may be populated not just with illegal immigrants but with Moslems and others whose religious beliefs are "incompatible with a democratic society".

Neoconservative lightning rod and talk-show host Michael "Savage" (a.k.a. Weiner) has been discussing the topic of late. While he is careful to intersperse terms like "radical Islam" with Moslem, Palestinian, Iranian and Arab (its doubtful the audience appreciates any of these subtle nuances), he has begun testing the waters for a roundup and possible expulsion of such individuals from the U.S. because their religious beliefs are "incompatible with a democratic society". To make such a roundup more palatable, he declares that such individuals are "cockroaches, mentally ill… lunatics… in filthy nightshirts.”

At about the same time Savage began his latest diatribe, word came that a conditional $385-million contract has been issued to the Kellogg Brown Root (KBR) subsidiary of Halliburton to construct temporary detention and processing camps–concentration camps–for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE could use such camps as part of its so-called "removal program". Halliburton was apparently selected, in part, due to its previous and highly successful installation at the Gitmo facility in Cuba.

The U.S. is currently swamped with nearly 20-million illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico. These are creating an intolerable social-welfare burden on many local governments and depressing overall U.S. wages. However, President Bush, in his recent State of the Union message, proposed legalizing such individuals through a "guest worker" proposal. So it’s unlikely ICE would be targeting any such documented aliens in a future program of removal.

Other Neoconservative talk-show hosts have decried the presence of "Arabs" in South and Central America, citing countries such as Paraguay as particularly egregious examples. It may also be necessary to capture and deport such subversives during some future "emergency". The proposed FEMA camps could also be used to process and deport such dangerous aliens. There is a precedent for this. During World War II, German farmers and businessmen were seized throughout South and Central America and detained for the duration of the war. Most of the farmers lost their farms and all property built up over many years. (At least one of these "dangerous" subversives reportedly asked his captors about the health of the Kaiser, the leader of Germany in the First World War, because he was so isolated.)