Zionists are still dreaming of a peaceful Zion in Palestine

Yesterday’s suicide bombing at a cafe in Tel Aviv, which left at least 2 Israelis dead and dozens injured, coincides with the confidence vote for the new Palestinian cabinet, headed by Prime Minster-designate Mahmoud Abbas. Coincides, but is no coincidence: the various Palestinian underground resistance movements, Hamas, Jihad, etc. (known as ‘terrorists’ in the ‘free world’) are sending a clear message to the new cabinet: blood will continue to flow (to borrow from CNN’s sensational headline for the aforementioned Tel Aviv bombing [1]) as long as the occupation continues.

Touché. The White House and the house of Zion are both hoping that the new Palestinian leadership will, first, accept Israel’s previous undignified terms of peace (aka ‘generous offers’ and ‘the moon’ if you are tuning to the Monica Lewinsky type media for your news), which Yasser Arafat had previously rejected (i.e. the cantonized Bantustans in the West Bank and Gaza), and forsake the inalienable Right of Return. Second, the new Palestinian leadership will ‘rein in’ the militants that threaten Israel’s precious security (in fact, that is the first term in Uncle Sam’s new Middle Eat roadmap).

Haha. I am laughing. Hoping? They might as well be dreaming. I have nothing against Abu Mazen, yet, but if he thinks he can put the cart before the horse, he’s got another thing coming.

Neither Palestinians are willing to accept Israel’s ignominious terms, nor is the new seemingly acquiescent leadership capable of ‘cracking down on’ the Palestinian underground resistance, notwithstanding the fact that Israel’s arsenal has effectively destroyed the former Palestinian security structure. Ask the Israelis, did they succeed so far? Israel has created its undefeatable enemy.

What will end the bloodshed in the Holy Land is justice, or as we chant during Al-Awda [2] organized demonstrations: no justice-no peace.

Justice means, quite simply, that Israel and its supporters treat the Palestinians, upon whom they have inflicted great suffering, as dignified human beings and not as an ‘unchosen’ pariah in their own lands. In other words, Israel must uphold the universal principles of human rights, which includes, incidentally, granting them the long overdue Right of Return.


[1] Blood flows at Tel Aviv night spot http://edition.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/04/29/cafe.bomb.scene.ap/

[2] The Palestine Right to Return Coalition http://www.al-awda.org/

Mr. Baha Abushaqra is a Media Activist with Palestine Media Watch.